• Australian Pole Champions!

  • Australian Pole Champions!

    December 8, 2017 | News | emma
  • After four years 'time out' from the competitive pole scene, Suzie and Toby felt a lot of pressure entering this year's Australian Pole Championships. The last time the pair competed was in 2013 - they won the Pairs division and were awarded 'Best Overall Performance' as well. 

    They initially met up in England to see how it felt being back on the pole (it hurt!), they then had a few weeks apart as Suzie travelled to India and Toby headed back to Sydney. They met up again in Darwin (thank you 3D Fitness), Gladstone (thank you PhysiPole) before returning to Sydney mid-October to begin preparations in earnest. 

    Some tears, genital injuries (Toby) and concussions (Suzie) ensued as the pair put their trust, communication and pole skills to the test. The theme behind this routine? There wasn't one. Suzie was inspired by her high school English teacher who said (when advising on creative writing at exam time) "Think about what everyone else is going to do... And then do something different". For this pole routine that meant creating new moves, combos and transitions that hadn't been seen before, pulling it together in signature Suzie and Toby style.

    The piece was close to their hearts and felt like a visual representation of their own relationship that they were sharing with the world. All the hard work paid off and they not only took out the Pairs division, they were once again awarded "Best Overall Performance".

    They were thrilled (and somewhat shocked) with their win. Suzie's Dad was there on the night and, before the awards ceremony, said he "Didn't think they'd done it". They will not be going on to compete at the International Pole Championships next year, instead they will be leading circus/yoga artist residencies at Eagles Retreat in Guatemala as part of the Momentom Collective. They will be offering their full support to Enchanted (pictured) and the other Aussie Doubles Teams.