• The Stripper Next Door

  • The Stripper Next Door

    January 26, 2018 | News | emma
  • I wrote a book. And it got published! I still can't quite believe it. I have had 'I am an award winning, published author' on my vision board and in my goal-diary for three years, and now my manifestation is here! (Ok, I still need to work on that 'award-winning' part!).

    The whole process has taken around three years to complete, it has been challenging, rewarding and very, very cathartic. Even if you have no intention of ever being published, I still highly recommend getting your life story out on paper (or screen), even just in bullet point form (which is how my book started, bullet points in a Note on my phone). It's actually both inspiring and comforting to look back and go 'yeah, I did all those things'. Take a moment to acknowledge all you have achieved so far.

    The process of publishing was also a surprise. I was mentally prepared for rejection after rejection. I even had a goal: 100 Rejection Letters. I received one. The second publisher I contacted said yes. There was a huge amount of whooping, jumping and self high-fives for the remainder of that particular day!

    Putting my life out there (the good, the bad, the downright ugly) is exhilarating, and also terrifying. As Suzie Q I was stark naked, but exposed nothing. Now as Emma I am dressed, but vulnerable.

    Every time that self doubt creeps in "Gasp, what have I DONE?" I remember a tweet by Ricky Gervais:

    "It is better to create something that others criticize, than to create nothing and criticize others".

    The Stripper Next Door is available from Dymocks, Amazon, Booktopia and other leading retailers.